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Stanislav Makshantsev's Blog in BasketMe.COM !

Hello, friends in Spain! I'm Stanislav Makshantsev, player of Enisey Krasnoyarsk and former of Unicaja Málaga. Today I start my blog in BasketMe.COM, and I wanted to comment you some impressions about Russian Superleague.

I strongly belive that Russian Super League A and the Top 4 Russian clubs are the best in Europe! Not only by the level of the game, but also the players that are involved in it. The rest of the teams (from the 5 to 13) can play on the same level as any of the Spanish teams. For example, in 2007 I came to Spain with a Russian team for conditioning camp and had a friendly match against Unicaja and beat them by more then 15 points!

The teams in position 5 to 13 in Russian Super League A are all very strong. It is very unpredictable which positon each team will be in at the end of the season. In these team positions (5-13) there are the most interesting and intense games because the Russian Basketball Federation came up with new rule that is going to shorten the league from 13 teams down to 10. Therefore, the bottom 3 teams will be thrown out of Super League A before next season!!! My team Enisey Krasnoyarsk at this moment is in the 7th spot have good chance to stay in the Top 10.

The only difference between the Russian and Spanish leagues are the fans! Spanish fans are the most active fans I have ever seen! When I played for Unicaja the fans had great influence on the results of home matchs! We won pretty much every home game beacause of our fans!

I'll be back again with you very soon. You can write your comments and questions here and I'll try to answer them always when I can. Best wishes from Russia!

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