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Mindaugas Lukauskis' Blog in BasketMe.COM

Hello to all basketball fans from Spain, I am Mingaugas Lukauskis from Lithuania playing for BC “Lietuvos Rytas” team. Today I am starting my blog in BasketMe.COM and I would like to tell you about Lithuanian Basketball League (LBL) and Baltic Basketball League (BBL).

In my opinion, LBL is currently the strongest league in Baltic countries. I am not trying to say that Latvian or Estonian leagues are weak, the level is getting better and better every year which can be seen from this year’s BBL league table where there is a massive competition between teams from all three countries. This season would be even more interesting if the world economic crisis would not have weakened the squads which negatively influenced many teams’ competitive strength. Nevertheless, there is a strong rivalry between BBL teams.

There are two strong teams in Lithuania – Zalgiris and Lietuvos Rytas, every year there is an intense competition between these teams in every tournament they play each other and it is impossible to predict the winner until the game is finished. I think both teams would be serious opponents to any Spanish side. Not only the competition between the teams is high but also between the fans, Lithuania is divided into to groups: first support Zalgiris, second – Lietuvos Rytas and I can say that Lithuanian supporters are fantastic. It can be seen during Euroleague or ULEB matches when the arenas are fully packed.

Now I will tell you more about Lietuvos Rytas, it is the 6th season I am playing for the team where the highest goals are always set for every competition we participate providing a stimulus to give your 100% if you want to achieve the goals. This year’s target is to reach the final 8 of ULEB, to win BBL championship as well as LBL. In case of winning LBL, Lithuania would have two teams in Euroleague which our club is trying to achieve for many years. Therefore, there is even more adrenalin when playing in LBL. One of the tournaments Lietuvos Rytas has already won this year is Lithuanian Basketball Federation Cup (LBF).

So, that’s it for today about Lithuanian and Baltic basketball. I’ll be back again with you very soon. You can write comments and question here and I’ll try to answer them always when I can.

Best wishes from Lithuania.


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