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M.Lukauskis' Blog in BasketMe.COM: Final Eight ! (english version)

Hello basketball fans, I am Mindaugas Lukauskis from Lietuvos Rytas team. I am going to tell you how we are preparing for the Final 8 Tournament.

I will start with what it means for our team to reach the Final 8. I think that, as for every other team, it is a big challenges for us and that every team tried their best to reach the big 8. The goal to reach the Final8 Tournament was set from the beginning of the season, so we were working hard to reach it. Two leaders of the squad left but the team did not buy any new players, so we stayed as we are now. Therefore the coaches had a lot to do in order to change the system we play according to the team members who stayed and I think the coaches did it well. It was not the easiest way that we got into the Final8 but most important is that we are there. And now there is another goal - reach the final and, of course, win it but the time will show how well we will accomplish the mission.

I would like to remind you that out team played in the final twice: in 2005 we won, that was an impressive final which left good memories even though I was not playing because of the injury but two years later our team went all the way to the final again. It was in 2007 and I took part in this final but we lost and personally for me it was not good: I did not play well, probably wanted to win so much and burnt out. I remember even missing the clear-cut chances to score, I think I burnt out. However, I am not that much upset because it was our team who went right up to the final and, as we all know, the road to the final is long and distant.

So after another 2 years our team is in Final8 again, so maybe it is the time to show and win what all our hearts want, though it is very hard but what is the point to train and work if not willing to reach the very top????? Final8 is a big challenge for every player and coach and everybody is trying to show everything they can and are able to do.

Now a bit about the preparation for the Final8, our team spent a week in a training camp where we restored our physical conditions, we had quite a few training sessions outdoors: running, lifting weights, playing football, in a word, coaches gave us a bit of a rest from basketball and I think it was justified. Obviously we did not forget basketball, we still need to prepare for LKL (author's remark: "Lithuanian Basketball > League") games but the week spent outdoors was very useful. Starting from the next week we will start step-by-step preparations for Final8, though we will have a few games in LKL tournament.

In the first match we are facing a strong opponent, Benetton from Italy and I think the coaches will get us ready very well for the encounter. This is it for this time, good bye and see you in the Final8.


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