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Stanislav Makshantsev's Blog: March's answers

7 - Hi Stas, We met you at the Krasnoyarsk Airport two weeks ago with your wife and son. It was a pleasure to meet you! All the best! Fred & Mary.

7 - My pleasure as well. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Krasnoyarsk.

8 - What do you think about good season of Lorbek and Loncar? Do you think Lorbek is one of the best pivots in Europe? Why didn't he get success in Unicaja? Thank you and good luck.

8 - Unfortunately, I know nothing about Lorbek.

Loncar's success fully depends on his realationship and trust between him and the head coach. There is many examples when this relationship is successful. For example, Smodish and Mesina from CSKA or Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan from Chicago Bulls. That is probably not the case with Lorbek in Unicaja.

9 - Hi! I would like to know about the trips you have to do playing in Russian Superleague to so far cities like Samara or Vladivostok. I guess you must to have a lot of good and funny (and not so funny) stories from these trips. Thanks!

9 - One of the funny memories of a trip was when we traveled to Surgut in January. It was -36. One of the foreign players came off the plane with no hat and a spring coat. We could see the steam coming off his head. One of the Russian players had to share his hat and wear a hood instead.

11 - Is very important russian Superleague in TV and newspapers? Thanks.

11 - Not as important as hockey, football, biathelons, and tennis. I am trying to get our manager to have live games broadcast through the internet for the fans.

12 - Hello! Are russian fans in the same level as such a great players? or maybe you play some games "in family"?

12 - Our fans are good, but they don't have as big of an influence on the game as other places I have been, such as Spain or Greece.

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