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Well, Hola from Santiago!

Last time I wrote I couldn’t have imagined that coming back to Spain would be such a quick deal. Just two weeks after my last blog I got a proposal I just couldn’t refuse. Xacobeo Blu:Sens offered me a contract and the best part was that the people of the team showed they really wanted me and had faith in what I could do. And Jesus Lazaro, my team mate in Unicaja when I won the ACB title was on the coaching staff. How could I have refused?

I’m so happy to be back in Spain. My second time with the ACB and I do hope it goes well, I just pray I stay away from injuries and the same goes for everyone on the team. It’s really motivating playing for the best league in Europe and competing against the best players. And although only about ten days here, I can already see I made the right choice. The team is quite well organized, the people around it are really committed into making this project work and all the guys on the team are keen to play and give their best. And since we are such a young team in every aspect can work in our advantage. Because actually there will be no real pressure on us. We are here to try and make a competitive team that will play good basketball, we have a young coach with lots of patience and I hope that the fans will support our effort, having waited for so long to see their dream come true.

As far as I’m concerned, I never had a doubt in my mind when I signed. The important thing for me was to feel that I was the choice of the technical staff and from the moment I got that feeling everything else was easy. I just want to work hard, gain minutes and try to be the best player I can be for the team.

Being abroad once again, I haven’t had real time to explore the city, but from what I have managed to see, I guess I’m going to like living here. Santiago is a beautiful town, with lots to do in whatever free time there is, and I’m also really intrigued by the significance of the city in the cultural and religious life of the country as well as of the world. Being a Greek Orthodox myself, I think it will be really interesting to watch the preparations for the celebrations to come the following summer.

And it’s a great thing to have some real good company here as well. Alfonso Sanchez, Jesus Lazaro, people I knew from my tour with Unicaja and even Drago Pasalic, with whom I haven’t been team mates before, but I can certainly relate to, since he played for PAOK the year I left PAOK for Unicaja.

I just hope it’s going to be a good year for everyone. We’ll talk again soon…

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