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Busy, busy, busy!!!

I am feeling good. I am working out, not as much as I want to, but running, weight-lifting and of course playing basketball. You can say I am in shape, but not like I want to be :-) Everytime I touch the ball or am on the court it just feels great.

The preason in Europe is running and finally I can read some good basketball news and updates again. First thing i notice is that many good players are still not signed. Not only in Spain but everywhere in Europe and even in the NBA.

At the same time it is very interesting to see what these teams are going to do with a lower budget. The resession, which is almost over in the "real world" is now hitting the sports world hard. Hopefully it will be over soon. At least it is over or never hit Real
Madrid Football because the bought everything out there :-)

But back to basketball...

Personally, I don't know if, where and when I will play again. The market, to get a contract, is very tough and hard right now. At the same time I am looking around what I will do after my career. If I will stay with basketball, what I want and love to do or if I have to go outside the basketball world to expand and develop. time... will tell.

That gives me a lot of time with my family, what I love. That in itself is a fulltime job :-) My kids finally got a Kindergarten spot and it is one where they speak German and Spanish. That was important to me that they learn another language!!

I am very excited for the beginning of the season and can't wait for it to get started:-) Then I can tell you more about me and the ongoing season

Take care and see u soon...

Ademola Okulaja

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